Georges Braque
Guitar (La Guitare), 1912
Charcoal, wood print paper glued on paper
70,2 x 60,7 cm
Private collection
© Georges Braque, VEGAP, Bilbao, 2014
Photo © Laurens / Leiris SAS Paris

Papiers collés

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One group of works in the early history of Cubism merits a section apart: the papiers collés or “pasted papers,” a series of more than 50 pieces that Braque, in a sudden change of tack, produced between 1912 and 1914. He made the first in September 1912 at Sorgues, a town near Avignon where he had spent the summer with Picasso. The papiers collés gave his Cubist style a whole new feel: with the incorporation of prefabricated materials, such as wallpaper and newspaper clippings, color began to flood his work, paving the way for the appearance of Synthetic Cubism

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